5 foolproof tricks to beat the heat on holiday

Are you more of a Summer or Winter person?

Some people say that they prefer winter to summer, claiming that if they’re cold they can put on more clothes, but if they’re hot… they’d need to take their skin off, which I’m sure more than one person has thought at some point.

The highest tourist influx peaks at this time, particularly and logically, in destinations that provide relief from the overwhelming heat. These are sun and beach destinations, but no matter how many beaches there are, you should always take care in the heat.

Today we’re giving you 5 foolproof tricks that will make those days when the hot flush takes over you and your mood more bearable. With our tricks you’ll go from being a victim of the heat to laughing when it appears. Some of these will seem obvious, but stop for a minute and think how many times you actually do them. That’s why we think it’s a good idea to remind you of them.

- Drink lots of water.

This is one of the obvious tricks, but how many times have you surprised yourself for not having drank a glass of water all morning. Heat presses, and us humans are made of around 50 to 60 % water. You can imagine what happens to this percentage in summer. In fact, it significantly decreases and this means that we start to experience dehydration symptoms. That’s why you should try to avoid this by drinking an average of between 2 and 3 litres of water a day. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water.

- Water doesn’t need to be cold.

Forget the false myth that cold water (so cold that it hurts your teeth) will quench your thirst. That’s not the case. In order to replace the liquid lost in sweat during the day, you must drink tepid water (room temperature). This is because when you drink cold water, it is absorbed very quickly through the digestive tract and doesn’t give it time to reach the skin and regulate your body temperature. However, when you drink room temperature water, you allow your body to absorb it gradually, adjusting your own temperature and cooling you down.

- Sleep in cotton pyjamas

We all know that it’s very tempting to sleep in your birthday suit on extremely hot days. However, not everyone knows that by sleeping naked you don’t allow humidity between the sheets, mattress and body (caused by sweating during the night) to evaporate. Therefore, it’s more advisable to sleep in pyjamas to favour said perspiration.

- Don’t over eat

When we’re on holiday our eating habits are seriously at risk. We often return to work a few kilos heavier thanks to the licence we grant ourselves “because we’re on holiday”. So, be careful with food in summer. Eating lighter food will not only help you to avoid this typical weight gain, but it will also make you feel lighter and fresher. Why? The digestive process. When you’re digesting a heavy meal your body temperature increases (as well as making you feel drowsy and KO) and, thus, how hot you feel. So, the best thing to do is eat food rich in mineral salts that will help you to recover those lost through sweat (fruits, salads, juices...).

- If you dress in dark colours, change your look.

Nothing attracts the heat more than dark fabrics. This is because dark colours are dark because they absorb all the light and, likewise, absorb heat radiation. It is therefore recommended that on hotter days you wear lighter clothes and colours made from natural materials that don’t cause more sweating than necessary.