Gabriel Miró Ferrer, the famous writer from Alicante

A great plan for your holidays would be to discover Miró’s work, a writer from Alicante who left his mark on Spanish literature

Alicante, a beautiful historic, incomparable city where different people have captured its essence over the years through works and creations. Today, we want to tell you more about the great Gabriel Miró Ferrer, a brilliant writer from Alicante.

Miró was born in Alicante on the 28th of July 1879 and died in Madrid on the 27th of May 1930. He is considered as one of the most unique writers in Spanish twentieth century literature. In fact, Jorge Guillén defined him as “a unique writer in his country and in his era”.

Among his works, the following can be higlighted: La Mujer de Ojeda, Nómada, El Hijo Santo, Las Cerezas del Cementerio, El Obispo Leproso, among others.

This summer you can delve into his work and get to know our renowned writer.