Enjoy your holidays in Alicante with your family

The best moments are shared; discover how to make the most of your free days in Alicante

Holidays are a great chance to share great moments with your loved ones; enjoy discovering new places and going on great adventures. Below we provide you with a list of advice so that your days of enjoyment in Alicante turn into amazing memories:

  • Planning is one of the important elements to bear in mind, organising tourist routes, family and leisure plans, but it is also important to allow space for improvisation and let the city surprise you with its charm.
  • If you are travelling with children, always remember to leave some free time in the day so that they can get creative and interact with other children.
  • Break the routine, enjoy sunrise, a walk under the starry sky, try Alicante’s traditional dishes…
  • It’s a good time for children to discover other sides of their parents (free from daily stress)
  • Disconnect from your mobile phone and social media for a while to share quality days with your loved ones.
  • Make room for optimism, unexpected events are sure to arise, always have a plan B.
  • Forget your watch and make the most of every second.

These are just some recommendations so that you enjoy your holidays in the best way posible and remember, with Alidreams each day will be unique.