How to choose your holiday destination

Today we propose a series of guidelines for you to find your perfect destination within your boundaries of time and money, so you can enjoy those well-deserved holidays.

It is surely not the first time that you can't decide on where you will spend those days you long for so much. First of all, don't feel bad. It's something very normal and it happens more than you might think. Sometimes we spend days and days thinking about the dozens of countries we are dying to visit since we are children. Don't worry, we'll give you a hand so you can save time on making a decision and focus on planning for the destination you choose. That is what is important.


How much time do you have? A weekend, four days, a week? Suppose you only have one weekend. Don't torture yourself. There are many plans that you can adapt to. For example, getaways within your country, depending on where you reside. Two days of relaxing in a rural house, in a hotel-spa, in a mountain refuge, in a small house rented on the beach. If you don't mind going in a bit of a hurry, you can also choose to take a mini trip to a city in Europe. Paris for example, when well organized, gives you time to enjoy several of its tourist attractions.
If you have four days, a good idea in wintertime would be to go to the snow. If that doesn't appeal to you, other European destinations like Prague, Rome, Venice or Greece would be good options. If you prefer good temperatures, you can't miss four sunny days in the Canary Islands.
If you have a week, we are already serious about holidays. The decision can be complicated a little more, since the options multiply. A week in the Caribbean visiting historic Cuba, or a week of skiing in the wonderful places of Austria. You can also enjoy the coasts or, if you are into urban tourism, pay a visit to the United States. A week is not long to go that far, but we assure you that it is possible. We can recommend New York.


Fortunately or unfortunately without it we cannot function. And it is a very important aspect to keep in mind when choosing our holiday destination. If you have little budget we recommend that you choose a national getaway, perhaps by car, which can be fun and you can stop wherever you want. Also, on some websites you can find last minute deals at a great price for two nights in Europe.
If your budget is medium, you want to spend money on your vacation but not everything that you have been able to save. It is best not to go too far, so forget about New York and better think about Venice or Istanbul. If you travel to one of these places you can have better control of expenses. If your budget is high, you have more options. You can travel closer and spend more at your destination or travel further by spending less at your destination. In that case you can start to fantasize about places distant and exotic.


Finally, you should keep in mind that there are destinations where it is better to go in one season than another. Make sure of this before unleashing your imagination.