How to enjoy your time with kids during quarantine

These times of quarantine offer a great opportunity for bonding with your children. 

They have the all the time and we can bring patience and enthusiasm to bring them close to us. But sometimes they can get bored having all that free time.

  • Cooking with kids
In addition to being fashionable recently among young audiences, it is something that needs to be done at least three times a day. Children will appreciate being older and knowing more than frying an egg.
They love to participate in everything you do and if you stimulate them in the right direction you will spark their curiosity so that they want to help you prepare dishes. Consider that in these times of confinement there are a lot of dishes to cook, so perhaps it is a good idea that the little ones in the house help you with something simple like the aperitif.
Kids tend to like desserts a lot and preparing them can be a lot of fun, although also it can get out of hand because it can be a little messy. Decorated butter cookies, cupcakes with colourful toppings or a cheesecake with blueberries are three very simple ideas that will make children feel part of the same activity you are immersed in.

  • Multi-author story
Surely you have noticed that more and more, adults are losing connection with the kids around us. Be it their children, brothers, cousins, friends… there is a point that we are no longer on the same frequency. So, we recommend that you take every opportunity that they are around to recover that connection. With so many technological distractions, both for kids and adults, we have forgotten how much fun it can be to carry out family activities like the one below.
Children often finish eating before adults and after a day at home we usually extend that time at the dining table. This is a good time to play the multi-author story and try to get the whole family involved. Start with a blank sheet of paper and write the first sentence. Fold the paper to cover the phrase you have written and pass the page to the next. At the end of the sheet, when it can no longer fold, you will surely find a story with a little of each one of you.

  • Make a scene
I am sure you'll love this one and it can be done with a single child or several. I propose to choose a theme on which to make a small play and give them a time limit to create a script, stage, costume, makeup, sound effects etc... If there are several children you will be able to do it in a longer and more elaborate way, if there is a single child, you will find it very fun to put impossible time limit on it so that he or she has to dress up with anything at hand.
If you want to get a little more involved, we suggest that you make easy adaptations of classic stories or plays so that they can learn and practice them.

  • Talk show
We don’t just want to entertain our children, but also to help them gain a critical point of view and grow up with strong values. You can achieve this playfully by creating a talk show. Tell them who they should interview and have them prepare any questions they think are appropriate for that person. You will see how curious it is to observe what the children say. Accompany them and record the questions and answers with your mobile. Then show the result and encourage to improve and look for new victims to interview.