Our apartments and studios are fully equipped to make the most out of your holidays. Below you'll find an inventory list. Please check on arrival to see if everything is complete and notify us if something is missing. Naturally it is expected that everything is complete at departure as well.

Studio Deluxe
(no. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9)
2 Bedroom Deluxe Apartment
(no. 5)
2 Bedroom Apartment
(no. 10)
Studio for PRM
(no. 11)
(no. 12)
Living - Kitchen
Flat Plate 27 cm68866
Deep Plate 23 cm46544
Flat Plate 21 cm46544
Tumbler glass 36 cl68866
Wine Glass 34.5 cl46544
Table fork68666
Table Knife68666
Table Spoon68666
Dessert spoon68666
Coffee Spoon68666
Stock Pot with glass Lid 24 cm11111
Sauce Pan 18 cm11111
Rubbish Bin w. Pedal 16 l11111
Non-stick Frying Pan 20 cm11111
Non-stick Frying Pan 28 cm11111
Cutting Board  30x20x1 cm white11111
Kitchen Knife 16 cm11111
Bread Knife 19 cm11111
Spaghetti Serving Spoon 11111
Serving Spoon11111
Dry Rack 37x34.5x8 cm11111
Glass Salad Bowl 26 cm11111
Bread Basket 15 cm11111
Steel Cutlery Holder 12x14 cm inox11111
Steel Cutlery Holder 10x13 cm inox11111
Place Mat 45x30 46544
Napkin Holder 15x15 (30x30) 11111
Trivet Round 35 cm11111
Espresso Cup 9 cl46544
Jumbo Mug 45 cl46544
Can opener11111
Bottle opener11111
Strainer inox 12 cm11111
Peeling Knife 9 cm11111
Kitchen Scissors11111
Pot lid11111
Microwave lid11111
Toaster Jata TT331 with lid11111
Juicer 40W Jata EX296 0.8 l11111
Water Heater 1800W 0.5 l Ufesa11111
Coffee Machine Dolce Gusto Delonghi11111
Sofa-bed with mattress protector11111
Sofa 2 persons 1
Center Table Square wood 50x50x5022222
Dining Table extendable 120/180x80 cm11111
Rattan Chairs w. White Legs44444
Side Cupboard 11
Mirror Natural Fiber11111
Pillows 50x5024222
Philips TV 40HFL5011T with Remote11111
Pot with Romero 15 cm 11111
Pot with Large Plant 11 1
Ivy Plant1

Bed 180 + set of sheets + duvet111
Bed 150 + set of sheets + duvet 1 11
Bed 90 + set of sheets + duvet  1
Canape Cover 180 cm111
canape cover 150 cm  1 11
canape cover 90 cm 1
Mattress cover 180 cm 111
mattress cover 150 cm 1 11
mattress cover 90 cm  1
Duvet + Sheets for Sofa-bed when used 11111
Pillows 50x30 cm 24322
Plaid 230x50 cm 12111
Plaid 130x50 cm 1
Bed Pillow Fiber 90 cm 223
Bed pillow Visco 90 cm 222
Bed pillow Visco 70 cm  2 22
Bed pillow Fiber 70 cm 22244
Pillow cover 70 cm 24266
Pillow cover 90 cm 44500
Wooden Cloth Hangers12 24 24 12 12
Bedside Table natural wood24322
Jute Natural Pendant Lamp 24322
Headboard Rattan12111
Iron 2200W Jata PL120 S/INOX11111
Iron Board11111

Basket (rope)11111
Hairdryer Sogo SS3675 11111
Heated mirror11111
Toilet roll holder11111
Toilet Brush inox11111
Cloth hanger inox11111
Metal Dustbin with Pedal11111
Bathroom and Sink Towel set per Guest11111
Bathroom Rug11111

Terrace 1
Sun Lounger Acacia22002

Terrace 2
Metal Folding Table white11111
Resin Chairs with Metal base22202
3 Legged Stool, natural wood22200
Resin Garden Chest11111
Dustpan + stick11111
Telescopic stick11111