Tabarca Island

The waters of tabarca are a mediterranean reserve due to its excellent quality and the biodiversity of its flora and fauna

Tabarca Island is the only inhabited island in the region of Valencia and is located in front of the city of Alicante, eleven nautical miles away near Santa Pola cape. Rather than an island, it is actually a small archipegalo made up of the islands of La Cantera, La Galera and La Nao. It is approximately 1,800 metres in length and has a maximum width of around 400 metres.

In the past its coasts were a refuge for Berber pirates. In the eighteenth century, the Spanish King Carlos III ordered for it to be fortified and to construct a town on the island to accommodate various fishing families from Genova who were captives in the Tunisian town of Tabarka. The walls that circle the urban centre have been declared a Historical Artistic Site and a Property of Cultural Interest.

How to organise your trip:

The typical is a day trip. There are different departures, with more or less frequency depending on the season, from the port of Alicante in a comfortable boat trip of approximately one hour. It can also be accessed from Santa Pola or Benidorm.

Once on the island, visitors can enjoy the bays and beaches with clear water and a picquresque maritime port, with an excellent selection of restaurants where they can try the traditional caldero (stew), a typical dish from the island. We recommend that you walk around the urban centre and visit the island’s museum.