What to do when it rains on holiday

Like life, holidays aren't about avoiding storms, they're about learning to dance in the rain.

Rain can often surprise you half way through a long-awaited holiday. Rather than thinking, as usual, that you’re always unlucky when this happens, today we want to convince you that you’re not unlucky and that there’s no reason why the rain should bug you at all.

Sometimes we forget that rain is a metrological phenomenon beyond our control and it normally has a negative connotation for no reason. In clear and concise words, if you can’t control it and know that there’s a chance it might happen, isn’t it better to try to enjoy it instead of opposing?

1. Depending on the destination chosen, you know what you’ve let yourself in for

It sounds absurd, but that’s the way it is. There are times that some travelers are surprised when their relaxing holiday to the Caribbean is ruined by a huge storm. Well, it’s likely that when they planned their trip they forgot to check that the rainy season in the Caribbean is from May until November. It’s highly likely that they were influenced to buy their holiday package solely because of the price, and that can be one of the consequences of a partial or skewed glance. So, the first piece of advice to enjoy a rain-free holiday or a rainy holiday, if you know how to enjoy it, is that you thoroughly research the typical weather in your chosen destination.

2. Rain doesn’t have to ruin your day

Depending on the destination chosen, rain can be very different. In a European city like Paris, rain can threaten to last all day. However, there are other destinations where rain clears up in less than 30 minutes. For example, the tropical rain storms that we mentioned in the previous point are famous for their intensity in a small period of time. So, bear in mind that if you look out the window and it’s raining, it’s likely that your plans will still go ahead despite this. At the end of the day, it’s only rain and all it does is get you wet.

3. Make the most of it and go on an indoor cultural visit

If you realize that your plans can’t go ahead, flexibility will be your best ally. Don’t sulk and try to enjoy the day as much as possible. The cinema is a good option to learn more of the language and culture of the place you’re visiting. Not only can you enjoy a film, but you’ll also be in one of the locals’ daily cultural places. You can benefit a lot from this experience just from observing. How do they watch films there? What kind of films do they show? What kind of people go to the cinema and how do they react to the showing? Any traveler would find this information interesting because it can be remembered as typical cultural information about the destination.

There are lots of things to do on a rainy day, you just have to want to do them and psych yourself up.